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My work


Companies connect with me when they are interested in continuous development or for coaching of employees, teams and management.

The goal is always to create a workenvironment where employees are encouraged towards development in a positive and healthy manner. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, though there are many options to take steps even without a great budget. 


Scroll down for more about continuous development and business coaching. In addition you'll find testimonials from current or previous clients on my work. 

Are you looking for a personal development coach yourself? Please see Individual coaching, as well as feedback from previous coachees that have experienced a trajectory with me.


Check About me for more information about my background, or have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

< The video shows parts of my work for Visma I ProActive.

For this client I developed and implemented severals tools and processes in order to reflect the organizational values fundamentally. This resulted in a custom online reflection tool, an office game for feedback and several employer branding video's showing the authentic company.  

Credits video to Orientation Production 

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Continuous development

How to create an environment in which employees feel happy, secure and motivated to develop continuously?


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that, but there are a lot of ways to take steps even without an enormous budget. I help company's to become aware of the core factors that create and maintain a healthy and succesfull workforce.


Solutions can be found in communication, internal processes, leadership style and practical tools. 


Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.   


Coaching for businesses

I am partnering with various companies as an inhouse personal development coach.


This way an employer can provide an accessible doorway to selfimprovement without having to involve their management or HR. For both employer and employee it means having a dedicated and trusted coach. 


In addition I custom design individual coach trajectories, teambuilding workshops and other coach work. 

Please contact me for more information.  



Heiko Bonenkamp
Visma - ProActive

Our employees are the heart and soul of our organization. Annemarie has played a crucial role in setting up our Human Capital organization in a way that has given it the fundamental role that it deserves. Since setting up the Human Capital department she has remained our advising partner in the continuous improvements we are aiming for. We have experienced collaborating with Annemarie as pleasant and professional. We value her clear communication, her transparency in cooperation and her direct approach. She has proven to be a pleasant business partner for all levels; employee, board and management.


Stella Tran 

As a US-based company, we started working with Annemarie when we opened up our Amsterdam office in 2019. She was instrumental in providing expertise from an HR and compliance standpoint and has continued to guide our decision making in people related matters. She takes a balanced approach so that the employee, leaders and the company have the best outcome. Annemarie has been a true extension of our company's culture and has covered the employee experience from onboarding to complex employee matters and more. She's helped us reach ambitious growth goals to our people and we can always count on her agility and willingness to deliver when we need it!


Frans-Jan Boekholt

During our long term collaboration with Annemarie I have experienced her to be a driven and decisive professional. Both as an Interim manager and as a personal development coach, she succeeds in creating movement and achieving specific results.

She does so with a very people-oriented approach, and whilst always keeping the agreed goals in sight.


Personal development

It is by personal experience that I know that real change needs hard work, and everyone needs a hand with that once in a while.

My strength lies in recognizing patterns and repetitive systems, so if you’re tired of going in the same circles, I gladly take on the challenge with you to brake that cycle. You will set the goal, and I’ll help you getting there. 

My coaching style is resultoriented and direct, yet very much combines heart, body and mind. Of course I adjust my approach to you, since every person has their own unique character and needs. 
I’m looking forward to meeting you in person and experiencing our match before starting the journey.

Please contact me by phone, email of through the contact form.


Coachee testimonials

What difference do you experience in your day-today-life? 
"I have learned to listen to my intuition and to hold on to that. I am more confident when it comes to my professional life and I make powerful choices in my personal life. I learned to listen more objectively to the voices in my head and recognize the signals of my body when it comes to for example insecurity or stress."
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