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Annemarie van Haaren

As an independent consultant, I guide companies, teams and individuals to more development, success, health and happiness.

I lead companies in translating their mission and values into practical tools that will benefit the development of both employee and company. For example; a strong employer brand doesn't only look good from the outside, it especially works positive and healthy from the inside.  

In addition I coach professionals in various stages of life, realizing a specific personal development desire. Keywords; breaking with ineffective patterns, interpersonal development, career development and leadership. 


For development of teams I custom design workshops in the area's of leadership, employability, company values and more. 

As a career coach I volunteer by supporting adolescents from socio-economically challenged communities in a good start of their professional lives.

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are"

- Carl Jung

My vision on development

Development is never ending, whether it’s personally, professionally, for teams or organizationally.

We are all following the course of life that continuously forces us to move. Moving us either into new phases of life or into new experiences, new opportunities or through processes of loss.
We simply have to develop, is what I believe.

I am thankful and delighted to have been able to create my profession in and around it.

I had the pleasure to work with

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