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About me

My mission is to see any other person in full authenticity, in whatever relationship we work together. In general, I am perceived as empathetic, direct, respectful, and result-oriented. I also like to bring some light and humor to work, whenever possible.  


At 'van Haaren Results' I combine my work as coach for individuals and teams, with my work as a development consultant for different (inter)national clients in various industries

Before starting my own business I have collected 17 years of valuable experience at various companies and industries, where people development was always key. For more details, please see my LinkedIn profile.

As for education, I studied business management with a focus on labourmarket and HR. At the School for Coaching I studied to be a professional coach. I am also trained for developing workshops and dealing with inefficient systemic patterns in organisations. 

For my personal development I am continuously seeking training through various institutes amongst the international Jung Platform. 

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