The goal of any van Haaren Results workshop is to improve performance, by increasing personal influence of management and employees.
The best way for people to learn is to obtain their own insights, by active participation and experience. In a workshop, the participant is in charge of their own learning experience, making workshops a strong tool for permanent change and lasting personal development.

Every organization has a unique identity. This identity deserves a custom approach, to increase the effect of the workshop. van Haaren Results offers programmes that can be easily customized to perfectly fit the specific needs of an organization. For example by including aspects as organisational values, specific projects or goals.

Workshop domains:

  • Developing you; taking ownership of your development
  • Management development; how to upgrade yourself as a leader
  • Roles & responsibilities; re-defining roles&responibilities and process improvement

An important factor in the success of a workshop is the translation of insights into daily practice. The workshops take a head start by directly addressing how these insights will be applied beyond the workshop. Next to achieving the intended development, the workshops also add to teambuilding purposes.

Of course, van Haaren Results can create completely new concepts, based on the needs and wishes of your current situation and organizational needs.
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