It is by personal experience that I know that real change needs hard work, and everyone needs a hand with that once in a while. My strength lies in recognizing patterns and repetitive systems, so if you’re tired of going in the same circles, I gladly take on the challenge with you to brake this cycle. You will set the goal, and I’ll help you getting there. My coaching style is result oriented and direct, yet very much combines heart, body and mind. Of course I adjust my approach to you, since every person has their own unique character and needs. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person and experiencing our match before starting the journey.

– Annemarie van Haaren

All coaching trajectories start with an intake in which we examine your personal goal. By doing so we can estimate the amount of sessions that will be needed in order for you to accomplish that goal.

I also offer a short, intensive coach programme in one day or two half days.
The benefits and options of this approach are discussed in the intake.

For more information, please contact me personally by email or phone.