“An organisation needs the very best of its employees. An employee needs an organisation to translate the best of himself into practice.”

– Annemarie van Haaren

It is from this vision that van Haaren Results shapes its projects; from interim roles, specific HR projects and coaching, to developing custom workshops.
There is more to people than is usually brought out of them. For companies, this often results in waste of assets and money. For employees it means a harsh waste of opportunities and talent.
Inevitably these losses will negatively affect people’s work effort and satisfaction, and can even turn into health consequences and/or undesirable turnover of staff.
As such, development is always a common interest for both employee and employer.

In sum: More development- more talent-more fun-more effort- more success-more development


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The goal of any van Haaren Results workshop is to improve performance, by increasing personal influence of management and employees. The best way for people to learn is to obtain their own insights, by active participation and experience. In a workshop, the participant is…


HR Projects

Annemarie van Haaren is experienced in helping organisations getting the best out of their employees, in a wide range of areas. Her experience varies from different levels of interim HR roles, to head to tail improvement assignments.



“It is by personal experience that I know that real change needs hard work, and everyone needs a hand with that once in a while. My strength lies in recognizing patterns and repetitive systems, so if you’re tired of going in the same circles, I gladly take on the challenge with you to brake this cycle.”